What’s Up?

What’s Up?

Grand Center TheaterI took this photo long ago.  Camera in hand, waiting for a bus.  This theater is on Grand Avenue.  I haven’t attended an event here, yet.  There are several venues on Grand.

Wait, I’m going to try to scan something for you:

library adventureThe library offers “blind dates.”  Books are all wrapped with descriptive words on the face.  This week I choose one for the very first time.  I started to read this morning while the fiat was having an oil change.  Ooooh, I would never have chosen this enchanted science fiction novel.  It’s imaginative.  Has my attention.  It certainly IS a “Blind Date.”

Moved Back to my “Home Site.”

I was thinking about possible website changes.  Immediately the opportunity to re-arrange my performing site arrived.  I haven’t decided what I’d like to do with this one.  Maybe keep it here, maybe move favorite stories to the other space.  There’s time.  Plenty of time.

  Three errands were on a morning “to do” list.  Oil Change, (told you about that,)  check out the newly opened credit union,

Here’s an aside for you.  Do you know there is a grass roots move in our nation to move our resources from corporate banking?  I’ve checked in to a few of our local credit unions.  They are member driven, nonprofits.  They are an alternative.

Anyway, I started a new account at a bank I watched being built.  It’s along my regular weekly route.  Ta-Daa!

The third was to learn about a new-ish gym, along the same street.  Sigh, other things took longer than suspected.  The new gym will have to wait.

That’s “What’s Up” Today.

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