Sculpture Park

Wacky Sculpture Park

It’s possible my first impression of this Wacky Sculpture Park has skewed my attitude.  They hold a well attended art event one weekend every year.  It’s always on Mother’s day weekend.  I used to be the Sunday Morning opening performing artist.  That was “my spot” because I was easy to set up.  Easy – anytime of the day – is good.  First thing in the morning is Best.  I also sang happy, uplifting songs.

Every year I zoomed all night from where ever my concert was.  Usually I was driving from Mankato, Minnesota.  Managing to arrive in time for a quick nap, shower and on-time arrival in the back lot of the Sculpture Park.  Park Services would set up a mobile stage across from a huge red sculpture.

Recently my pupster has taken me for a few walks.  The Sculpture Park invites well mannered canines to escort their people.  There are trails, sidewalks, open spaces and, wacky views.  My fluffy friend has given me a new attitude.

Wacky Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park - near MailboxNo matter which way you look, there will be surprise.

Sculpture ParkRight Out Front @ Sculpture ParkDoesn’t this look like a great hide away?

neon welcome sign on original homeBeautiful Building.  It used to house a gift shop.  There was a kid’s art class going on.

First View of Actual GroundsWalk around the building.  The views are stunning.

 Sculpture ParkThis was created by Jonathan Borofsky.  It’s called “Man With a Briefcase at #2968443,” 1986.  “Towering White Collar Worker” – (part of the official description) – kinda sad or sinister story.  Sign says, “Look, But Do Not Touch”

just thought you might want to know each piece has a story.  Here’s a fun one:

s-park-80Yes, it’s a cement mixer.  There’s an article reporting the cement mixer was added to the collection July 13th, 2016.  I missed the ceremony.

Here’s a picture of the huge red sculpture:

Wacky Suulpture ParkVery Early in the Morning:

Sculpture ParkLong Ago & Far Away – Singing on a Parks Mobile Stage

Here’s something terrific.  Dogs can be members.  Sometimes they star in the newsletter.

Official Member of the Wacky Sculpture Park Walk-AboutHerself.  Official member of the Wacky Sculpture Park Walk-Abouts.

Happy Adventures to YOU!

love & love,

georgy & her puppy

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