I went to visit, and learn about the TUMS factory.

"We're Here For You"It’s a secured pharmaceutical facility.  Even delivery drivers need to have an appointment.

Driver Door

 There were lots of drivers keeping each other company, waiting for their delivery times.

 Dedication Plaque

“This historic building is one of the last manufacturing sites in downtown St. Louis.  Its history goes back to 1905 when the A.H. Lewis Medical Company began manufacturing a product  called Nature’s Remedy.  The facility expanded its operations to include the manufacturing of TUMS antacid in 1930.  Today, this site is proud to continue manufacturing TUMS.”

 beautiful facility

TUMS were created in 1928 by pharmacist James Howe for his wife.  Once they took a sea voyage and several people on board ended up trying the medicine created for Mrs. Howe.  It has been popular ever since.

 Attractive Facility

So far, this is the only place TUMS is manufactured, although it sells all over the world.

TUMS Building - St. Louis

It’s made of sugar, calcium and starch.

TUMS Building and colorful advertisment

I rode MetroLink, got off at the “Stadium” station, enjoyed walking two blocks west on Clark Ave/St to Broadway, the morning was stellar, the views  memorable . . I give it a high recommend. I hope you don’t need TUMS.  If you do, “They’re Here For You!”  320 Broadway. St. Louis, MO

"We're Here For You St. Louis"