Sculpture Park

Wacky Sculpture Park

It’s possible my first impression of this Wacky Sculpture Park has skewed my attitude.  They hold a well attended art event one weekend every year.  It’s always on Mother’s day weekend.  I used to be the Sunday Morning opening performing artist.  That was “my spot” because I was easy to set up.  Easy – anytime of the day – is good.  First thing in the morning is Best.  I also sang happy, uplifting songs.

Every year I zoomed all night from where ever my concert was.  Usually I was driving from Mankato, Minnesota.  Managing to arrive in time for a quick nap, shower and on-time arrival in the back lot of the Sculpture Park.  Park Services would set up a mobile stage across from a huge red sculpture.

Recently my pupster has taken me for a few walks.  The Sculpture Park invites well mannered canines to escort their people.  There are trails, sidewalks, open spaces and, wacky views.  My fluffy friend has given me a new attitude.

Wacky Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park - near MailboxNo matter which way you look, there will be surprise.

Sculpture ParkRight Out Front @ Sculpture ParkDoesn’t this look like a great hide away?

neon welcome sign on original homeBeautiful Building.  It used to house a gift shop.  There was a kid’s art class going on.

First View of Actual GroundsWalk around the building.  The views are stunning.

 Sculpture ParkThis was created by Jonathan Borofsky.  It’s called “Man With a Briefcase at #2968443,” 1986.  “Towering White Collar Worker” – (part of the official description) – kinda sad or sinister story.  Sign says, “Look, But Do Not Touch”

just thought you might want to know each piece has a story.  Here’s a fun one:

s-park-80Yes, it’s a cement mixer.  There’s an article reporting the cement mixer was added to the collection July 13th, 2016.  I missed the ceremony.

Here’s a picture of the huge red sculpture:

Wacky Suulpture ParkVery Early in the Morning:

Sculpture ParkLong Ago & Far Away – Singing on a Parks Mobile Stage

Here’s something terrific.  Dogs can be members.  Sometimes they star in the newsletter.

Official Member of the Wacky Sculpture Park Walk-AboutHerself.  Official member of the Wacky Sculpture Park Walk-Abouts.

Happy Adventures to YOU!

love & love,

georgy & her puppy

Beautiful Day in Benton Park

It was a Gorgeous Saturday.  I was out the door early, but – not early enough.  “The Garden” was surrounded by parking guards, whose job was keeping an overflow of vehicles from the lot.  Tower Grove Park was already wall to wall people.  It was time to find some quiet.  So, this week,  the learning curve of a new camera begins at Benton Park.

Pathway into Benton ParkI really like the Benton Park neighborhood.  It’s diverse, sweet to the eye and their history is rich with every kind of city story possible.  (and, I do mean, this part of St. Louis proper goes back to rowdier days.)  Someday I’ll take you for a cuppa and share stories, but today we’ll simply stroll around the park.

First of two Manmade Ponds in Benton Park, St Louis, MOBenton Park covers a little more than 14 acres.

Benton Park, St. Louis MO There are two man made lakes, a recreation building, playground, plenty of paths and nice places to sit and enjoy the day.

Kids Count, Benton Park, St. Louis, MOOkay, look at this fabulous – I don’t even know what to call it:

Benton Park, St Louis, MOThere’s a grassy field, a few picnic benches, and this cool looking place.  I wonder if they hold concerts here?

Beautiful Pond, Benton ParkThere’s another beautiful pond on the other side.

Sit and Enjoy the day, Benton Park, St Louis, MODuring early-ish 1800’s expansion of St. Louis, land from the city commons was set aside for parks, including Benton Park.  A small portion of this land was already fenced off as a cemetery.  But, in 1865 a city ordinance was passed and all remains were relocated.

View, Benton ParkOriginally this was called “City Park.”  It was renamed to honor Thomas Hart Benton, the first U.S. Senator representing Missouri.

Circling back around, there’s a memorial to Freidrich Hecker, a German-American Hero.  When the monument was officially installed, over 15,000 people attended the ceremony.

Benton Park, St. Louis, MOPlenty of celebrations are held at Benton Park.  The two that look interesting to me this year are the 150th Birthday Party on June 25th (2016,) and August 13th, we are invited to “Gospel In The Park.”    If it turns out to be great music, I might have to show up.