Jazz Ensemble Market

Jazz Ensemble Market is an easy trip across the Mississippi River.

Jazz Ensemble Market & CafeRide any metro-link train headed across the river from Missouri to Illinois and get off at Emerson Park Station, which is the third stop.  The scenery becomes interesting along the way and, once you arrive, you’ll notice the clean station, with little shops and a walking bridge, in case you need to get to the other side of the highway.  BUT, You won’t need to go any distance at all for fresh coffee, friendly faces, local produce and the opportunity to support a  Dream Come True.


Your first glimpse happens as soon as you step off the train.  The market sits right on the corner.  A tiny stroll across the street and you are there.

Places to Gather with Friends

Places to gather with friends

Inside you’ll begin to sense how special the place is.  This is neighborhood planning that may set a standard for the future.  This is a non-profit place were people can gather, locals are employed, neighbor serves neighbor, the food is nutritious and locally grown.  There is a cozy cafe.  “Regulars” make themselves at home, grab their personal coffee cup from the shelf and share the news of the day, along with a joke or two.  There is a cozy fireplace, television, Wi-Fi, a great view and plenty of good choices on the menu.

Mixed Use BuildingThe market is part of a mutli-use facility, including two hundred senior living apartments and is working to develop a community garden.

Jazz Ensemble Market Neighborhood This is a place in East St. Louis, with a happy story and people feel safe.

I asked about the words, “Jazz Ensemble.”  The title was chosen because East St. Louis was known for terrific musicians.  No one asked me, but if I were an “up and coming musician,” or a teacher with a music program, or an established performer willing to give back to a community.  I’d begin booking events, right there, on the sidewalk, and invite the public to cheer and support Hopes for a Bright Future.

Multi-Use Facilityjust sayin’

Jazz Ensemble Market, 1001 North 13th Street, East Saint Louis, Illinois, 62205