Milque Toast

The celebrated food writer M. F. K. Fisher (1908–1992) called milk toast a “warm, mild, soothing thing, full of innocent strength.”  Spell this place “Milk Toast” or “Milque Toast” – it’s pronounced the same and, my first visit will be the first of many, regular planned stops because I enjoyed myself completely.  Totally “my kind” of place.

the arrival!Parked in front.  The place is small, but WONDERFUL.  Got the camera out to show you my first – parked – view.  It was easy enough to find,  Highway 44, to Jefferson Ave., maybe two and a half blocks, on the east side of the road.

Comfort Cuisine!It says “Comfort Cuisine.” . . . I was ready to check it out.

The place is teeny-tiny.  There’s a community table and two, or maybe three other places to sit along the wall.  It’s friendly and colorful.  i walked up to the counter and asked if it was too early for soup.  (Yes, I really like soup.)  In unison, three people behind the counter said, “It’s always a good time for soup.”  Then one lone voice said, “We encourage soup for breakfast.”  I wasn’t really That Early, but – I would enjoy soup for breakfast . . . and, not that you asked, but I’ve enjoyed “breakfast for dinner” countless times.  Haven’t you?

you're gonna like itFun and colorful, the kitchen is small, but what they deliver is mighty.  There IS a chalkboard with ideas about what’s available, which wasn’t yet current for my Thursday visit.  There’s also a nice paper menu that explains the basics, BUT, it’s even better when you simply ask what’s cookin’ and you see smiles on the faces about to serve up something yummy.  They are proud of what they have to offer, and I agree, it’s something super satisfying.

There is an outdoor seating area, so on warm enough days, people will be able to gather in larger groups and have elbow room.  While I was there it was fun to share and listen to others . . but, I’m just like that.  Kinda simple in style and wander around solo-style – so i can pay attention to  Wonder All Around.

milque toastYes, I’m sitting THAT close to the wall across the way with three extra spaces. Someone placed a colorful back pack on one of the chairs . . . super cozy, but then it’s easy to hear all the happy goin’ around.

my first milque toast mealHere’s my first ever meal at Milque Toast.  It’s a delicious bowl of Tomato Herb Soup, with a thick slice of toasted multi-grain bread generously slathered in butter.  I also have a cup of coffee (beverage of choice since I was a kid.)  It was so tasty, I could hardly wait to get home and share with friends about this fantastic lunch discovery.  I’ll return, in fact, chances are this will become one of my favorite places.

Milque Toast – 2212 S. Jefferson Ave. – St. Louis, MO – 63104