St. Stanislaus

st louis moSt. Stanislaus Kostka Polish Catholic Parish has one of the richest, colorful and amazing stories.

When it comes to faith, freedom and community outreach, this parish certainly has my respect and gives me hope for a future.

In 1878 there was a large enough Polish presence for a church to be established in St. Louis City.  By 1880, construction had begun on St. Stanislaus and by 1882, staffed by Franciscan fathers, people were being welcomed to services.

Garden Welcome at St. StanislausParishioners embraced their community and, in 1891, formed a religious, charitable, not-for-profit corporation under Missouri state law called “Polish Roman Catholic St. Stanislaus Parish.”  Title to the property was signed over to the Parish Corporation by St. Louis Archbishop Kenrick and the parish has been self-sustaining ever since.  They have taken care of renovations after disasters, upgraded the property as needed, added land when possible, and built a beautiful Polish Heritage Center.

St. Stanislaus, St. Louis, MOThere was a time when churches were being closed, properties were being sold, people were expected to fit themselves into new configurations.  This was a time when St. Stanislaus seemed to catch hold of the spirit behind the story of their patron, St. Stanislaus Kostka, Patron Saint of Holy Disobedience, because, when they were requested to hand their parish to local church authorities, the Parish Corporation stood firm, they strongly preferred to continue worship, community service, celebration and cultural education where they were.

Everyone is WellcomeAt St. Stanislaus they say, “When guests arrive, God arrives!”  If you have a chance to visit, you will notice their lovely sanctuary, their welcoming smiles, their inclusive gathering . . . as if they actually read “The Book” and decided to “go for it.”  If you need someone to talk with, they are there, if you are sick, they will pray with you, they will come visit you if traveling to them is a hardship. They provide for others in the community, teaching, by example, everyone matters.

If you’d like to learn Polish, you’re invited.  You can visit from a distance by viewing Homilies on YouTube, you could attend events.  You might want to talk with someone with an open heart about your own faith walk, or find someone to stand with you through your journey, It’s possible  you have found your new safe place, maybe even your new spiritual home at St. Stanislaus.

“Where Doors And Minds Are Open”

Saint Stanislaus ParishSt. Stanislaus Kostka Polish Catholic Parish
1413 North 20th Street
Saint Louis, MO 63106


Soldier’s Memorial Military Museum

Honestly felt dwarfed and out of my league with this adventure to the Soldier’s Memorial Military Museum.  If there is something specific you would like me to go back and learn or find, post a comment or send a message and I’ll do my best.  

Solider's Memorial, St. Louis, MO

The facility could use some financial aid towards repair, but it is still one gorgeous building that reminds us of Life, Integrity, Sacrifice and Honor.    It’s as if a concert about Promise and the Lives Given to keep it were perfectly frozen in time for all of us to stand inside, in speechless respect.

let’s take a walk about.

 The building is perfect.  Walking around, sensing the Glory prepares us for the treasury of story we will find inside.The entry is open and inviting.  Slowly we begin to understand why we are here.

We choose to enter the east room first.

Lots of display items share this space.

One display celebrates Woodrow E. White.  He served as a Topographer in WWII.  He not only made great maps, he also delighted family and friends with his sense of artistic humor.  His family shared snippets from letters he sent.  He served in the Army from March 28th, 1941 to Nov. 15th, 1945.

There is a wall inside a reception area with information and invites for veterans.  It looks like people offer and/or find help.

Tips, Information and Invites for All veterans.  Soldiers Memorial Military Museum

Tips, Information and Invites for All Veterans.

In the western room:


 That Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon was invented in 1870.  It was fired using a hand crank.  It could fire sixty to eighty rounds per minute and cover a distance of two and a half miles.  It was used against small, rapid boats.

Barnes field hospital

British Cap Badges and Buttons collected in WWI by medical personnel

Here is a story I liked.  Medical teams from Barnes Hospital, served a base hospital in Rouen, France in WWI.  These are collections of British cap badges and buttons that were collected.

Civil War?  In 1861 Benton Barracks was the largest Civil War Training Camp in St. Louis.  The land it occupied sits just a few blocks from Soldier’s Memorial.  It was a Union camp.

Benton Barracks, 1861 Union Training Camp

There was quite a scandal, in 1863, when it was discovered that medical discharges could be purchased from the “right doctor” at Benton Barracks Hospital  for $50.

Civil War, Soldiers Memorial Military Museum

Civil War

There is a very special display at the Soldier’s Memorial Military Museum in recognition of the Gold Star Mothers.  The last Sunday of September was designated their “special day” in 1936, before the end of WWII.  Now this group is called Gold Star Survivors.  These people remind us “Freedom is Not Free.”

open, Soldiers Memorial Military Museum