City Museum

City Museum is so spectacular, even a watery deluge, the necessity of raincoats and staying indoors can not diminish the joy of our First Adventure.

City Museum in the rain

 This photo was taken through the window, looking outside.  We will want to revisit and try to take this stellar place in.  It’s completely wild.  I explored a cave, climbed stairs of all sorts, listened to a restored pipe organ, admired limitless mosaics (made by Sharon Von Senden – but that’s anther story)

City Museum Mosaics

There are free circus performances, shoelace factory items, early 20th Century ceramic works saved from old buildings,  places to climb, slide, hang out, rest, there is an unusual aquarium, and the rooftop, which does not open until June.


I climbed through a small door and found people spinning around in peculiar chairs, statues from Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant Chain, this awesome wall, then climbed a teeny spiral staircase and found:


There is so much to see, I suspect we’ll enjoy plenty of good times here.  I need to remind you to bring your inner calm, not only is the place pure sensory overload,  young people find delight here and the cacophony is remarkable.

I look forward to our next City Museum Experience.

City Museum –  750 N 16th St, St. Louis, MO 63103

We’ll Be Back 🙂