Time for Soul Lifting

It was time for a bit of soul lifting, I headed to the Soulard Art Gallery.

Artists Gather for a little soul liftingSoulard is an old neighborhood.  The name comes from Antione Soulard, who helped develop the area.  There’s a lot of brick, and churches, and bars, and celebrations.  It’s super close to “The River.”   Soulard is also a great place to find artists.  On this particular “break away day”  I choose to visit the Soulard Art Gallery.

Soulard Art GalleryResident Artists welcome every visitor.  There’s always a display of art from regional artists.   Each Resident Artist has a mini gallery.  There’s plenty of color, texture and new views.  Each gallery has it’s own style, look and feel.  It’s a bit like visiting worlds of wonder.

Looking is okay, purchasing encouraged. – Prices fit almost every budget.  You’ll be offer a beverage.  There are invitations to upcoming exhibits.   Say anything nice and an artist will reward you with a bright smile.

Soulard Art Gallery – 2028 S 12th Street – 63104

On to the “The Grove”

Onion Rings and a Coke – seems like terrific transition snack for a wanderer like me.  “The Grove”  has become one of the most fabulous, colorful neighborhoods in St. Louis.  I was passing through around early lunch-ish time, so energy was quiet, and a little low.

onion rings and a coke at O'Shays O’Shays is friendly.  They offer a hearty Sunday Brunch with plenty of choices.  All of their food is prepared in house.  They don’t mind if you’re a light weight and only order onion rings an a coke.  The Irish eye twinkle is easy enough to see. No matter what’s goin’ on in the world.  An Irish Pub can make it better.

Oshay’s Pub – 44353 Manchester Ave. – St. Louis, MO – 63110

Fabulous Part of the City - The GroveHope All is Well with YOU

Hope Plaza

Ellen S. Clark Hope Plaza is one of the jewels in my everyday life.  I pass this enchanting place several times a year on the way to medical appointments.  I am always grateful to find this pond.  Doesn’t matter what the weather is like, this place always offers comfort, hope and peace to the people passing by.  It is part of BJC Institute of Health at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.  Studies, Students, Medical Miracles and Advances are found inside the surrounding buildings. – When the new expansion was planned, this bit of art and natural wonder was created and placed right where all of us would discover it and be lifted in spirit.

a place to heal, a place to be lifted

The summer resident ducks aren’t here today, but a sense of calm and people with smiles are always close.  In winter, the Pond is covered with a thick layer of ice and the walk way will have packed snow.  In fact, it doesn’t seem to matter what time of year, there is always stunning beauty in this place.

Hope Plaza - Pond and the doors to higher education

Hope Plaza is dedicated to Ellen S. Clark, a well loved and respected woman who encouraged others to be their very best.  She inherited a rare condition that took her life.  She worked tirelessly to offer education and understanding about stem cell research.  Even after she’d left this life, her family made sure her work continued.

Ellen S. Clark and her husband worked with designers to offer this gorgeous memorial.  Two of the most recognized artists are Maya Lin, who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Andrew Gutterman of Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates Inc. of Boston.  There is an eighty foot diameter Infinity Pool, with water flowers in season, ice in its proper time, ducks when they decide to attend, trees and . . Hope.

“It’s designed to be a calm place of refuge in the midst of a bustling medical center,” said Hank S. Webber, an executive vice chancellor at Washington University.

a place of peace

Ellen S. Clark Hope Plaza, 320 S, Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110

You don’t need to have an appointment to visit.  Get off metrolink at the Central West End, walk up the flight of stairs on the west end of the platform and turn right.  You’ll be satisfied with the side trip.

Be Well