Shaw Nature Reserve

I am smitten with Shaw Nature Reserve in Eureka, Missouri.  It takes a little while to get there.  Highway 100 from my house there in forty minutes.

Three Weeks Ago The Nature Reserve Looked Like This:

Eureka, MissouriWe loaded into a huge wagon and rode around, learning lots while enjoying the view.

A few times we stopped to walk around a site.  We had excellent teachers.

We heard about planned burns, to take care of overgrowth, keep the area healthy, and return the area to a natural state.  Part of the new focus is allowing indigenous plants to thrive.  There are records sharing about the land when settlers arrived.

Bascom House at Shaw Nature Reserve “The Bascom House.”

The original farm belonged to Cuthbert S. Jeffries.  The brick house was built by his son-in-law, Confederate Colonel Thomas William Bouldin Crews in 1879.  It was a modern home for the times with bathrooms on each floor.

 He rode his horse to Pacific, Missouri to catch the train into St. Louis, to practice law.

The Missouri Botanical Garden purchased 1300 acres in 1925.  The Crews Farm comprised 320 of the original 1300 acres.

The home is called “The Bascom House” in honor of the the Missouri Botanical Garden Trustee who restored the home.  It is now open to the public.  There is a conference room, offices and a museum.

Shaw Nature ReserveWe stood in a shelter and listened to stories about the land, prairie, wet lands, old growth, from where we were standing all the way to the river.  Amazing things I hope to see with my own eyes someday.

Shaw Nature ReserveThis beautiful tree seems like a “who” to me.

Not so much a camera expert, many things were not captured.  Flocks of bluebirds.  Bluebirds are the state bird, until this day I’d only seen one.  They hang out here.

I saw a persimmon tree, flush with leaves and loaded with fruit.

 Turkey Vulture flew over.  Large, simply floating around in the sky.

My Next visit Scheduled Mid-November

Nature ReserveWhat will greet me?

Sure looking forward to it.

Macro Sun

There are many special things about Macro Sun.  They HONESTLY offer Fair Trade pricing, so people here can actually afford to stop, shop, enjoy and learn.  Perhaps the Heart of Macro Sun is Global Relationship, Respect and Peace in Action.

Macro SunMacro Sun started because Gil Williams (who i do not know, unfortunately,) volunteered for projects in Tibet, Nepal and India.  He worked in a hospital in Kathmandu, studied at the Gandhi Peace Foundation in India, and with the Tibetan-Government-in-Exile, making deep, enduring friendships with people everywhere he traveled.

Later Mr. Williams returned to Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and Thailand and imagined, with his friends, a way of purchasing from them and returning to St. Louis, to offer these beautiful pieces, in a way that supported everyone in the process.  I must mention that Mr. Williams opened and offered this “Fair Trade” enterprise, before the idea of Fair Trade became a marketing “catch phrase.”

Macro Sun

I have No Idea why I didn’t take photos of their clothes, and incense, and jewelry . . . I was enjoying conversation with the sales staff and looking for a Celestial Dragon . . . STILL, that’s NO Excuse – you don’t get to see the array of marvelous goods they offer . . at every price point, because I didn’t swing my camera about . . . sigh.

Macro Sun continues to support the ongoing Nepal Earthquake Relief.   Often you’ll arrive and find yourself in the midst of some stellar event because Macro Sun sponsors artisans from around the world.  Guest Artists stay for a while and give demonstrations and answer questions, it’s as if you get to experience world travel, simply by stepping inside the doors.


She is priceless, still packed in a large crate, I stuck the point & shoot right inside and got her face . . .

Macro Sun continues to take those extra steps to assist efforts towards Peace and Well Being all around the world.  One of the many great programs they’ve helped achieve is a children’s home in Nepal called Mitrata.  A trade partner in Nepal who made traditional instruments started the idea and Macro Sun was pleased to assist making this dream of heath care, education and a loving home possible.

Macro Sun

This guy is easily twice as tall as I am. There’s a crate built all around to protect him, but we can still see him. I hope he finds a GREAT Space where lots of people can admire him.

Years ago I spotted a two ton Ganesha in this shop.  There wasn’t any way for me to move him in with me.  It’s really fun to visit, and then return home with some happy-making and affordable treasure.

Here’s just one more link with a singing bowl story. that comes from their blog.

Macro Sun

You’re Invited!

1310 Washington Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 421-6400
Monday through Saturday: 11:00 – 6:00
Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00