Eureka!  the sudden, unexpected realization of the solution to a problem

Eureka is also the California state motto

(Here is an unusual and unrelated factoid – “lent” is the proper word  for past tense of lend.  “Loan” can be eliminated completely.  If you already knew this, give yourself a gold sticker star . . . A second grader knew this last Tuesday. This world is full of wonder.  Wow)

 Eureka Moment

I have been searching for information about people of faith from the last few hundred years.

Ancient manuscripts are super, but I have been searching for a lineage of faith connecting to those people of long ago.

My first extended list arrived today.  It includes people I knew about, some very few I’ve met and many names mentioned as teachers from the past connected to my own experience. Enough for me to learn and share.

Color me grateful.

Pathway into Benton ParkWho knows where the adventure will lead?

The path itself is good enough today.

I hope your weekend is full of doing.

(Returning to the unrelated factoid.  (Mostly because the bossy software insists I offer at least 300 words, giggle.)  Tomorrow morning, VERY EARLY, I’ll be in a room full of young people.  Morning is not the best time of day for me.  This is great because, when it isn’t the easiest hour, it IS easy to choose in advance how the time will go.  Cheerful is such a good start.  I’ll put Cheerful at the top of the list.

Walking my pupster, when strangers present themselves, or an new opportunity arrives, I say, “walk with kindness, be generous . . . good girl . . . ”  other similar ideas of encouragement are expressed and encounters always go nicely.  I do that for myself, too.  Now the list for tomorrow morning includes Cheerful, Kind, Generous . . it’s a good start.)

 How will you choose to present in challenging moments?

Brilliant Weekend to YOU


Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Lady Freedom

FREEDOM TRIUMPHANT IN WAR AND PEACELooking for a specific faith filled photo.  It remains elusive.

This picture is part of the statue called “Freedom” that graces our Capital dome.  (At least, i hope she is still there.)

Perhaps I’ll photograph Pops’ Bible.  It is sitting  here at my desk.  Reading it with my heart, I realize I have been given Freedom.

This is such good news because I’d been traveling through places where God is not respected.  I admit, it felt rather personal – but, it wasn’t.  The bad behavior tossed in my direction was aimed at the One i represent.

Now is the time to “mature.”  Years?  I have plenty  years added up . . . but, managed to stay true hearted and loyal, like a child or a puppy.  These traits are good, but in a Faith Walk, I need to gather Wisdom.

Do you know “Wisdom” is also referred to as a lady?

Perhaps Wisdom and Freedom, are related.

(Try “The Message Bible:” – Proverbs 8.  Very cool.)

I’d like to be a citizen in their Kingdom . . . wouldn’t you?

(I’d also like to wear an outfit like Lady Freedom . . . Eagle Feathers , and especially her ideals.)